Welcome to TechieM2.net

TechieM2.net is the personal site of Mark D. Montgomery II (TechieM2).
I'm an IT and Information Security professional, network administrator for my church/school, photographer, gamer, Linux user, and general geek.
Above you'll find links to my various sites.
Below is a list of the sites with brief descriptions.


Blog - Miscellaneous ramblings. Updated rarely and randomly.
Photo Gallery - Photo Gallery containing photos from my books, special events, etc. Currently being rebuilt..


Photography/Videography Kit - Equipment I use for photo and video work.
Streaming/Studio Kit - Equipment I use for streaming and studio work.
Spare Gear - Gear I'm no longer using. If you're in my area and could use anything here, let me know!

Social Media

Twitter - I don't post much, mostly just Twitch go live notifications.
Vero - I post pictures here fairly regularly.
VSCO - I don't post here much since they have yet to add posting via web.
Instagram - I post pictures here fairly regularly.
BlueSky - I haven't started posting here yet and need to expirement with it. I may have invites available.
LinkedIn - I don't post here, but generally reply to messages.
Pillar - Used for links from Social Media sites and such.
Discord - My personal Discord server. I'm usually around.

Content Creation

Twitch - I stream occasionally.
LiveSpace - I stream here as well.
YouTube - I occasionally upload something interesting.
Wiki - Documentation for things such as my Discord server setup, Studio/Streaming setup, etc. I try to keep the articles up to date.

Nature/Macro Photography

Photo Books - I publish a photo book each year through Blurb.
Print Shop/Portfolio - All photos I publish in my books (and possibly a few others) are uploaded to the SmugMug Portfolio/Print Shop for ordering of prints/collectibles/etc.